The current moon and sun position above Markneukirchen

The sun is cur­rent­ly standing 148,8° west and 56,6° below the horizon and is 147.217.779 km far from the Earth's center and 147.223.102 km far from here. The moon is cur­rent­ly standing 69,4° east and 34,0° above the horizon and is 389.596 km far from the Earth's center and 386.000 km far from here.

At 06:43 o'clock, dawn began. Sunrise was today at 08:00 o'clock, resp. will be to­mor­row at 07:59 o'clock and Sunset was today at 16:44 o'clock. The evening twilight ended at 18:01 o'clock. Therefore, was the day today 8 Std. 44 Min. long and the night is 15 Std. 16 Min. long.

Moonset was today already at 09:44 o'clock and Moonrise was today already at 19:17 o'clock. Thus the sun is in the Sternzeichen WaterbearerWaterbearerSternzeichen Waterbearer and the moon in the Sternzeichen LionLionSternzeichen Lion.

Now here it goes to the sun- and moon movements for the next days.

The illustration is not to scale.
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Abnehmender Mond<br />(Waning gibbous)

Abnehmender Mond
(Waning gibbous) 197,0°